By combining Experience, Efficiency and Quality, the RRACKS™ team is here to provide you with an ever-expanding range of solar mounting products and accessories you deserve.

At RRACKS™, we are always looking for ways to improve and meet your every need.

We are RRACKS, your solar installation partner.

RRACKS™ aims to be your preferred one-stop shop for all your installation needs. We tailor each of our products to be the most adapted to your needs. Explore our latest extensive catalogue, providing you with all your solar solutions while meeting all your needs in terms of cost, time saving, ease of assembly and quality.


RRACKS™ is very proud to offer you its new ultra fast and intuitive system: the
Clicknut System. Fast, easy and adjustable, the Clicknut System is the perfect mix
between efficiency and strength. Change the way you install with the fully adjustable
process of the Clicknut System.


Easily adjust the rails on the roof with our new Clicknut L-Bracket.





Clamp down your panel safely and securely;

We have also developed two new ranges of ground mount system. A simple
adjustable version, made of aluminium for easy installation and a customisable utility
system version made from the new cutting-edge coating RZAM Steel. Fully engineered
for each of your projects.

Solar Ground Mount Structures
Solar Panel Ground Mount Racking System Utility 1 foot

Aluminium Duo Ground
Mount System

Single Pile Utility System

RRACKS™ is always looking for excellence, constantly striving to offer the best quality in product design on the market.


With 12 years warranty on our products, and our certified system, you can rest assured that
the RRACKS™ mounting systems stay in perfect order for years to come.


With the innovative RRACKS™ Watertight and Waterproof solar panel mounting, you won’t have
to worry about clamping your panels to your roof anymore, as the panels will be part of your
building. Watertight for easy installation, Waterproof for all your warehousing needs.

Solar waterproof roof racking structure
Waterproof Solar Panel Carport Mounting Structure