At RRACKS™, we always keep speed and efficiency of installation and safety in mind so that you can spend as little time as possible on the roof. RRACKS™ Edge Protection Guardrails ensure height safety compliance and eliminate hazards, reducing the risk of worker injury and liability concerns.

Integrating your RRACKS™ Edge Protection Guardrail with the walkways of your roof allows for safe and easy access for installation, maintenance and cleaning.

RRACKS™ Edge Protection Guardrails are made from our 6000 series aluminium to prevent corrosion and to ensure your guardrails won’t have any rust problems due to weather and aging over time. Our aluminium guard rails are engineered to Australian standards and are much lighter than steel guard rails for hassle-free and efficient installation.

Rooftop Edge Protection


Rooftop Edge Protection

You are able to adjust the angle of the mounting to suit
the specific requirement and profile of the building as
well as put an additional screw to make the bracket
even stronger.

Our 2 way locking system makes sure that your hand
rail is firmly secured and will ensure the best safety
possible for your solar installation.

Rooftop Edge Protection

The RRACKS™ Edge Protection Guardrails can be installed to fulfill a variety of different purposes, including mounting to metal roofing and concrete or steel platforms, and can be used on and around:

    • Stairways
    • Platforms
    • Guttering
    • Fire escapes
    • Roof decking
    • Access hatches

RRACKS™ Edge Protection guardrails can also be installed in conjunction with our other products, including roof walkways and cable management systems. RRACKS™ Edge Protection guardrails use modular fittings, fixtures and mounting options for easy upgrading of existing height safety systems.

RRACKS™ Edge Protection Guardrails can also be installed in conjunction with the RRACKS™ walkway system and provide an all-around solution ensuring maximum safety and minimal roof damage during the full lifetime of your solar installation.