By combining Experience, Efficiency, Quality and the Fastest solar mounting solution, the RRACKS™ team is here to provide you with The solar mounting product and service you need. RRACKS™ is proud to present you the edge protection guard rail system.

At RRACKS™, your safety is our priority, that is why we design products for every risk situation for our customers. Here is an example, our edge protection guard rail system.

At RRACKS™, we always seeks to answer all the problems that you may face. We have decided to extend our product range to offer you robust and certified edge protection systems to ensure safe access to your roof during installation, maintenance and site visits.

Aware of the time factor, we have designed the most ingenious system to mount the guardrails as quickly as possible and adapt them to your building.

Rooftop Edge Protection

The environment is no barrier to our edge protection system, as we have designed this system to fit any type of roof, any type of material and around any type of elements (stairways, platforms, guttering, fire escapes, roof decking, access hatches, etc.).

The system is also designed to fit our popular aluminium walkways, to ensure you don’t damage the roof during the life of your system.

Edge Protection Guardrail Edge Handrail

We guarantee the best possible quality at the best prices, in fact, the products in this system are guaranteed for 12 years.

For more on this product and its many advantages, we invite you to our website to explore our full catalogue or onto our YouTube channel for more detail.