We also manufacture a wide range of ground screws to meet all requirements, with the 3 main thread types being multithread, Twin blade and 4 Blades models. We help you choose the ground screw type which is best suited to your application, as well as helping you with the solar mounting installation system process to ensure the highest level of safety for your structure.

Before installation of screw piles, RRACKS™ shall select the weakest borehole location (obtained during pile load test) to start drilling/installation to the designed depth. At 20 cm. before reaching final depth, our team shall record the maximum torque as the control torque for the rest of the piles. In the case of torque measured from any contract pile being less than the minimum control torque obtained above, the pile is recorded as suspected pile and will be verified by static pile load test.

In case rocky ground is found on some part of the project, pre-holes will have to be made. This means the use of an auger will come into play. Depending of what type of ground our drill machine, with diamond tipped Auger, can predrill approximately 100 holes per day.

There are several options available after pre-drilled holes, once again depending on the soil conditions. The following methods may be used:

  • Backfill and compression method
  • Concrete fill
  • Drill to fit (for ground too hard to drive but not rock)

Quality control shall cover the following:

  • Verticality not exceeding 1:200
  • Positioning error not exceeding plus/minus 2.0 cm
  • Minimum torque not less than control torque as obtained
  • No damage on hot dip galvanized part of screw pile