Planning for an installation, figuring out how much material you will need and what spacing you will use can quickly take up a lot of time without adding any value to your work. That’s why the RRACKS team has developed a brand-new online BOM calculation tool to help you. This tool is also available from the home page of our website. Prepare your installation and estimate your costs in a fast and easy way.

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How to choose your solar panel racking system

This calculator has been designed with care and precision by our development team with users’ accessibility in mind; so that it is simple to use and won’t need you to constantly update the software.

After registering for free, you can use this tool to prepare for all your upcoming projects. You can work on multiple projects at once with our QuickSave functionality too. Pick up where you left off and even duplicate your existing projects for new projects.

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Innovative solar racking: BOM Calculator

Find out exactly how much material you need for each project and quickly find out the applicable bracket spacing for your installation. If you need some extra materials, you can just add them to the BOM

You can register now, discover our online BOM calculator, and start saving time planning your next installation.