By combining Experience, Efficiency, Quality and the Fastest solar mounting solutions, the RRACKS™ team is here to provide you with the solar mounting products and services you need. RRACKS™ is proud to present the Skylight Protection System.

At RRACKS™, your protection is our priority. That is why we design products for every risk situation for our customers. Here is a perfect example, the Skylight Protection System.

Skylight Protection System is part of the everyday life of installers, and falling is one of the highest risks on a construction site.
RRACKS has thought of protecting each of its customers by designing a system to minimise the risk of injury from skylight accidents.

skylight protection

The RRACKS™ Skylight Protection System is designed to integrate with your existing solar installation, using the same rails and brackets.

skylight protection bracket

Aside from providing protection for roof lights as well as fragile roof light covers, the RRACKS™ Skylight Protection System also helps prevent any potential injuries from falls through skylights, all without blocking out the light.

Many assets for an unsurpassed protection system

RRACKS™ Skylight Protection system is easy to install and integrate with other RRACKS™structures.

skylight protection corrugated roof

RRACKS™ Skylight Protection will help improve the safety of workers.

All components are made of aluminium and stainless steel for enhanced durability.

skylight protection
skylight protection

Adaptable solutions for covering skylights on all types of roofs such as Klip-Lok roofs and corrugated roofs.

Easily transported and assembled while on the roof.

Mesh frames do not block out the light, which keeps the building illuminated.