The RRACKS™ Skylight Protection System is designed to help property owners ensure the all-round safety of their buildings. Aside from providing protection for covering unprotected roof lights as well as fragile roof light covers, the RRACKS™ Skylight Protection System also helps prevent any potential injuries from falls through skylights – all without blocking out the light.

  • RRACKS™ Skylight Protection will help improve safety for workers.
  • Adaptable solution for covering skylights on all types of roofs such as Klip-Lok roofs and corrugated roofs.
  • Easily transported and assembled while on the roof.
  • All components are aluminium while mesh frames are stainless steel for enhanced durability.
  • Mesh frames do not block out light, which keeps the building illuminated.
  • RRACKS™ Skylight Protection system is easy to install and integrate with other RRACKS™ structures.