RRACKS™ is committed to continue leading the way in the latest developments in the Solar Racking industry. With the ever-evolving EV market, RRACKS™ provides an exciting range of innovative commercial and residential solar carports, one of the new emerging opportunities in the world of solar.

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Whether it is for private use to charge your electric car and provide you with electricity, or for commercial use on a larger scale, RRACKS™ Carports will meet your expectations.

After more than 15 years of experience in the market, RRACKS™ offers you trendy and optimized carport solutions. Designed to be quickly installed, strong, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective, you can choose the range of carports that suits you best!

SOLAR CARPORTS STRUCTURES Solar Carports quotation

To adapt to an ever-evolving solar mounting market, RRACKS™ has developed a fully waterproof carport system, using classic solar panels to reduce mounting time and additional waterproofing costs. The design uses specially designed rails to act as gutters for the array. Cable covers ensure proper cable management and make for a cleaner looking installation.

Made of 6000 series aluminium for panel attachment and hot dipped galvanized steel, RRACKS™  offers 6 different structure designs. Choose from 3 different profiles: Single pitch, ultra wide single pitch and ultra wide double pitch ; with or without waterproofing option.

Solar Carports structures Solar Carports quotation

Single Pitch Solar Carport
4 cars, 54 panels
18.4m x 5m- 10° pitch
Galvanized Steel

Ultra Wide Single Pitch Solar Carport
8 cars, 90 panels
18.4m x 9m- 10° pitch
Galvanized Steel

Solar Carports structures
Solar Carports structures

Ultra Wide Double Pitch Solar Carport
8 cars, 108 panels
18.4m x 10m- 10° pitch
Galvanized Steel

Made of 6000 series aluminium for panel attachJust submit a Request for Quotation form now on the link below and we’ll get straight back to you with our best offer.