RRACKS™ is one of the first companies in Australia to have its products and systems fully certified to the new AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 standard.
With more than 15 years of experience and strict compliance with Australian safety regulations, RRACKS™ always enables you to install our products in accordance with the latest safety standards, so you can rest assured your installation is as safe and compliant as can be.
RRACKS™ certifications are centered around three key points.
With full confidence in its quality and durability under all conditions, including cyclonic and coastal wind regions, RRACKS™ guarantees all its products and systems with a 12 year all-inclusive Warranty and certified Public Liability insurance.
How to choose your solar panel racking system
RRACKS™ allows everyone to have the easiest and most efficient installation experience. We have all the current updated certifications, for Australia and New Zealand. Safety and Compliance Guaranteed! With RRACKS™ all industry regulations will be met at all times.

To assist you in meeting these standards, our user-friendly online calculator will take care of the complex calculations for you. Just enter your project data and our handy online tool will give you the spacing and BOM for your project.
Aware of the frequent updates regarding standards, RRACKS™ has set up a dedicated Compliance team to ensure you are always up to date when using our products and manuals. Our team makes sure that we always have the most recent certificates on file, giving you a greater sense of security when installing all our products. By choosing RRACKS™ you are guaranteed to be up to date with all the standards and ready for inspection every time.
RRACKS™ is fully committed to making your solar installation experience a smooth one. Please do not hesitate to contact our Compliance Team (sales@rracks.com) if you have any questions.