RRACKS™ uses only the highest quality aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel raw materials to manufacture quality solar mounting solutions. The RRACKS™ standard is backed by a 12-year guarantee. This can also be extended up to 25 years for large-scale and commercial projects.


This product warranty shall apply to the following racking systems:
  • Rooftop racking systems including all compression brackets, penetrating brackets and tile hooks
  • Ground Mount Racking Systems including aluminium Slot in rack, Steel Uni¬Strut rack and aluminium Clamped Rack
  • Adjustable rooftop tripod racking systems


RRACKS™ grants a 12 year warranty on all PV racking products supplied.

If damage occurs despite correct installation and use under normal strain as defined by structural certifications for the products, RRACKS™ will replace the affected damaged components within the warranty period without delay.

This warranty shall transfer from the original buyer to subsequent buyers and/or end users for the remainder of the warranty term, providing the solar system is not relocated or reinstalled from its original installation. All claims of warranty must be made with proof of purchase of the goods.


The warranty term may be considered for extension on a per project basis. Such a warranty extension will require a report on the products to be installed, project location and installation date. RRACKS™ may also request additional environmental assessments of the site and surrounding area to take place at the customer’s cost.


  • If the product has not been transported, installed, assembled, checked, repaired or operated in accordance with our installation guides or structural certifications
  • If the product was not adequately stored prior to installation
  • If the product has been exposed to extreme environmental impacts and/or locations ( lightning, hail, fire, flood, other natural disasters or coastal zones less than 1 km from seashore) vandalism or theft.
  • If the product has been installed using dacromat roofing screws, which will be subject to rust and corrosion over time
  • If corrosion has occurred due to metal combinations on site outside of the scope of the mounting system products
  • If the pre¬installation load bearing capacity of the roof structure or ground does not correspond to engineering requirements and was not in accordance with applicable technical standards
  • If the products have been installed with a combination of components which have not been manufactured and certified by RRACKS™.
  • If the product has not been adequately maintained on an annual basis including failure to the products, maintain sealing as reasonably necessary, or clear gutters or roof tops as and when required
  • The product warranty shall not cover aesthetic defects which are not relevant to the product value and intended use.


  • If the goods are damaged the customer shall immediately notify RRACKS™ after the damage has been detected. The details shall be reported in writing to RRACKS™ or to our contractual partner. If the customer fails to report the damage in a timely manner the, the claims against RRACKS™ under the product warranty will be excluded.
  • The customer must include in their report of damage to RRACKS™ additional details, as requested which will allow RRACKS™ to determine the cause of damage. Additional information should include; the type of product installed, location and date of installation, any modifications made by the customer or end user and a maintenance log for the life of the system.
  • If the customer cannot provide such additional details the warranty claims will be excluded.
  • If requested, the customer shall send the damaged goods to RRACKS™ at a specified address supplied by RRACKS™ at the customer’s expense.
  • Any transportation charges will be covered by RRACKS™ and upon replacement the damaged goods shall become the property of RRACKS™.